"Beautiful, Ive been out of it. Working on the sound a bit, we all know I should be proud of it'"


New Single!

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The Hometown Kid
from Oak Cliff




Dr. Jerrett Rosenborough, best known to most as “Dr. Rose,” has built a successful dental practice in his home of Dallas, TX. He has quickly gained his stamp in the industry as one of the Best Cosmetic Dentist to see for a smile transformation, since his graduation from Texas A&M University – Baylor College of Dentistry. Dr. Rose is making a huge cultural impact through community outreach with his nonprofit, ILift (I Love Inspiring Future Talent), his over 360K Instagram followers, and a hugely successful dental practice. He has designed custom smiles for clients such as Summer Walker, Cee Dee Lamb and Amari Cooper of the Dallas Cowboys. In spite of his success, an unfortunate event took place on November 12, 2020, when Dr. Rose was the victim of a failed robbery attempt at his dental office that left him with a bullet in his back. During his successful recovery, he renewed his passion for his first love of artistry and entertain

From My Perspective

Dr. Rose recently released his first EP titled “11/12: From My Perspective” that details the night that changed his life, bouts with anxiety and PTSD. This 3 song EP opens with “Altercations” describing his experience firsthand on the night of the shooting. “Bulletproof” gives insight on what pushed him through his recovery and next chapter of life. “Want It" describes what Dr. Rose felt is what lead to 11/12

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